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Third Session

We find ourselves in te middle of te field with the trap. Anenya and drake are serobtisiously missing . All of a sudden a swarm of ravens descend upon Darke and envelop him the swarm growns into a column and then blends into the form af gigantic winds and out from the swarm emerges a large humanoid figure comprised of those crows. He “The raven seeker” informs us that he represents (Raphael)s mistress te “_____” After some discussion he reveals that there may be a cave in the mountains that could provide with the means to fight the human menace, provided we have the strength.

After transporting throug the portal in is mouth and emerge at a cave in the other side. We come upon the cave etrance, saped like e vagina. inside stood a large state of a woman with a typographical map on her hand. fter seeing it cry, I attempt to make telepathic bond. A streak of terrific agony fills me. The bond is immediatly severed as our point of entrance collapsews and another doorway opens spewing 5 earth golems.

Second session

Taken to crazy ville

First section

Taken prisoner


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